Bespoke SEO Consultancy Services

While my SEO Consulting Services are flexible and versatile, I have grouped my most common client approaches by four main SEO Consultancy service groups. This is to give you an idea how I work and I how I structure my projects. Please get in touch via LinkedIn to find out if I could be a good fit for your SEO project.

International SEO Strategy

International SEO at its core. Anything from the international domain strategy to hreflang audit or implementation. 

International cannibalisation analyses, multilingual SEO assessments and global expansion research. SEO beyond Google. Local market and language experience in Poland, Spain, UK, other European countries, LATAM, USA and more. If it’s international SEO – I can do it.

SEO Coaching

1-on-1 hourly SEO meetings – online or in person. Sessions are focused on your professional SEO development. Job interview preparation, SEO upskilling and tailor-made training in the area or tool you feel you need help the most.

100% practical and personal approach. First call is free – get in touch and let’s discuss where you are at and together see if I am a good fit to get you to where you want to be.

In-Depth SEO Audits

Auditing the sites of any size or made in any CMS. Beyond templated audit approach. Looking at the fixes that have actual impact, focusing on the business priorities and important metrics like conversions and revenue. 

Logical, transparent and white-hat SEO process following industry best practice. Easy to understand language with full technical documentation and clear priorities. Extensive experience in Technical SEO and Custom -built websites helps me spot unusual issues in no time.

Bespoke SEO Consulting

Bespoke SEO Consulting looking beyond just the Organic traffic. Approaching Digital Marketing from the Growth perspective, integrating all digital channels to reach the full campaign potential. Wealth of international experience in a variety of B2C and B2B industries. 

Get in touch and present your issue, and I will let you know how can I help, and if not – who is the best person for the task that I can connect you with. No strings attached.

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